ok Bites.

bleedingheartdisease asked:

Nice cans See anon that's how you do it


Don’t tell me what to do unless we’re in bed together

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Anonymous asked:

what do you look for in a guy? what's the best way to win your heart?

There’s nothing specific. Don’t talk to other girls if you’re talking to me ~

Oh my god I don’t fucking care

Anonymous asked:

got any interesting/hot fetishes?

IDK maybe

Anonymous asked:

you are so fucking alluring. the thought of you arouses me instantly. i'd do anything to make sweet love to you

Damn, why you gotta play my like this anon?

Anonymous asked:

Do you have snapchat?

My username is bites

Like a cell phone full of numbers
but not one soul I want to call.
Just like half-read books read by well-read eyes
that pretend to have read them all.

Like following a dream
that cripples you with debt.
Like laughing at a joke
that hasn’t caught up with you yet.

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Anonymous asked:

Ever plan or have you already travelled to America? If so, will you/have you fucked someone overseas?

This is funny

merauderdon asked:

I mean this in the least creepy way possible.. but, gosh you're just great.. :)

thank you